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Environment Sustainability

Respecting the Environment

At arc7, we recognize that economic growth can and must go hand in hand with a healthy and safe environment. Therefore, it has been always an important part of its goals to combine its dynamic activity with the necessary respect to the environment, by protecting and improving it.

To protect actively the environment, and not just theoretically, we take the following measures:

  • we establish clear and measurable targets, where possible, to assess our performance in environmental protection.
  • we implement waste minimization and recycling improvement strategies.
  • we offer appropriate environmental education to our staff, especially to staff with important environmental responsibilities.

Recycling and Reduce of Waste Disposal

We are dedicated to support the friendliness of the production processes towards the environment, the prevention and reduction of pollution, the preservation of energy, natural resources and consumables, the search and development of alternative and renewable energy sources and the least possible negative environmental impact.

Carbon Emissions

Our process to save energy and keep the carbon emission to a safe and clean environment such as:
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Fork lift being operated by batter?
  • JED Jights Installations

Our eco-friendly recycling process manages to save lots of energy and reduction of carbon.